On the Google Search Results, Google Images, and on other Google Product apps, you can publish and store photos and images that it can be accessed by other users on the network. Google Images shows the photos that are hosted on newspapers, social network, and websites. How to delete Google Images of yourself ? To remove outdated content page, or images, photos, you first need to decide if you want to remove photos from Google or from all the Web, but at first, you must know who has the control of the page where appears your photos. Google will asks you to contact the site’s Webmaster and to send him a request to remove the content, because Google is not the owner of the websites. So, the only action that Google can does is to guide the user to solve the problem. Remove photos from Google may mean: delete a URL from Google; delete personal information or data from search Result, or want to remove outdated content from Google Images.

To delete a URL from Google or to remove outdated images from the search engine, you must follow the steps to remove URLs from Search Results and to remove information from the Web. In this case, it’s advisable to be assisted by a Webmaster or by a IT technician who has specific skills on this. Google requires meticulous and very demanding procedures when it want to remove everything from the search engine. A user who wants to remove photos from Google asks Google to remove a URL from search Results or to “banned” inappropriate content for a variety of reasons (copyright  infringement, adult content, illicit content, terrorism, others Legal grounds).

Some specific procedures may require the assistance of a lawyer who can produce the legal documentation and performs the procedure required by law. To remove photos from Google, you need to submit a “feedback” at the end of search Results. There is a Google webpage removal tool and also Google image removal tool that allows you to fill out a notification form for request of removal content. It’s advisable that you contact the site’s webmaster which hosts your photos, and to ask him to remove it. Once that happens, it will Google that will eliminate photos, but only after the Webmaster has deleted it from its page.

Very often happens that inside of Google, appear images that are part of your social network archives, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. Also in this case, you can remove photos from Google, because Google allows users to report inappropriate photos that he\her needs to be removed from the social network, that they keeps control of the accounts and content posted by their users. Also, you can delete Google profile photo from Google Plus by log- in with a Gmail account, and you can use the Content Management Tools. When a user – of Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter – publishes a photo, he could configure his privacy and can determine if this it should be public or private. It’s advisable that you stop sharing photos posted on the Internet, so only your authorized contacts can view them. If you are wondering how to delete all photos from Google photos at once, you keep in mind that delete photos from your social networks does not automatically remove photos from Google Search Results. The user must performs the required procedure and takes action on removing the photo which has published. Your personal photos on Google can be deleted with the job of the lawyer, Webmasters, and IT technicians. Every request must be written accurately; so it’s important to collect all the data on the Internet and report it to Google, along with the all the materials needed to let Google proceed on the request to remove photos from Google.