The request to remove personal data from Google, has several meanings commonly associated with the “Right to Be Forgotten“, but in reality concerning legal procedures and technical procedures that are also different from each other. Only a “natural person” can remove personal data from the Google, because the Law does not provide for the protection of privacy over the Internet to companies, businesses, and public person (politicians, VIP). So, how to remove personal information from Internet ? Personal information includes all information that can be protected by privacy, such as your first and last name, residence or home address, phone number, ID number, current accounts, emails, and other property private use. Only natural persons may request to remove url from Google Search, only if these data is not more of public use (for example: information concerning current events, or useful for Consumer Protection); or data that has been spread on the Net without your permission (identity theft).

When Google receives a request about how to remove personal information from Google, it wants to know the reasons for this request. How to remove my name from Google Search ? it’s possible remove outdated content from Google, only when the crimes are not more of public utility; that is, only after the news has been displayed by the public for the necessary time, because only after this time has elapsed, the news ends up to represent a chronicle object, and becomes private. If you are wondering “how do I block my name from being searched on Google” you remind that Google is not the owner of the websites that are present in the search engine, and he can’t even force the owner of site to remove the information. If you believe there is a violation of the law, Google gives you some information, so you can proceed with a lawyer and you can exercise your Rights.

When you want to remove personal data from Google it is advisable to contact a site’s webmaster. Webmaster can remove personal data from Google and from the Internet, and he knows how to block your information on Google, because he intervenes on the “tag” of the website and he can remove URLs from all search engines in the world, not just from the Google UK. Each the request must be accompanied by specific information about the reasons of this and you also have to indicate the type of violation you want to report it. Google asks the user that he reads the “Remove URLs tools”, because an inexperienced user should use the help of a Webmaster or Legal Assistant because they know how to interpret the request and they can send it to Google through the correct procedure. In fact, Google declines requests that are not sent correctly. The user can give google a great deal of help and legality on the web, and to increase the quality of the service through reporting inappropriate content. If you wish to remove cache Google, you keep in mind that Google may recognize snippets and caches are outdated. In addition, it may ask the user to interpret the page error, through the specific signaling of a data or information.