The Right to be Forgotten it’s the citizen’s right to request the cancellation, indexing and storing of his personal data and related information in search engines. This right can be exercised under the judgment done on the 13 of May 2014 by the European Union Court of Justice. The person may request to remove outdated content from Google, and to exercise the Right to be forgotten. The request must be sent by the concerning person or by a person authorized by him or her; For identity recognition, you must send a copy of an identity document and an e-mail where the request can be forwarded. When you complete the form to cancel your information, you have to evaluate if there are the necessary conditions: in fact, only natural persons may request to remove url from Google Search, (or remove url from Google Chrome) only if these data is not more of public use (for example: information concerning current events, or useful for Consumer Protection); or data that has been spread on the Net without your permission (identity theft).

How to remove my name from Google Search? it’s possible remove outdated content from Google, only when the crimes are not more of public utility; that is, only after the news has been displayed by the public for the necessary time, because only after this time has elapsed, the news ends up to represent a chronicle object, and becomes private (remove outdated content how long). The goal is to protect the privacy of people who may claim this right, so that their image and reputation can’t be damaged. For this reason, you can also request to remove outdated content image.

When you wish to remove outdated content from Google, You must first wonder how to remove a website from Google Search results, because could be that your personal informations are inside of other sites. In facts, you must remember that Google isn’t the web, because it’s only a search engine where are many informations from the web. “Removing content from Google of search results page, is not the same thing as removing it from the web”. So, the solution on the question “how to remove a website from Google Chrome Search” is to contact a site’s webmaster, where your contents are present. If the content has been deleted from a site but still appears in Google Search results, it may mean that the cache or description are obsolete. In this case, you must enter the URL (web address) of the page with obsolete content that you want to remove. In this regard, legal assistance from an experienced lawyer and webmaster helps you to remove outdated content from Google.

How do I removed cached pages from Google? if you see the message “We think the image or web page you’re trying to remove hasn’t been removed by the site owner”, you must be contact the webmaster, because only after the webmaster has made the changes, you can proceed with the request to remove the cache copy, or just wait for the application to modify the search results at the next page scan. Removal request may have a positive or negative result: if the request is approved, the stored result  of cache and snippet will be removed from the Google Search results; or the request may have been denied for this reasons: The content you submitted for cache removal appears on a third-party page. The URL you submitted no longer returns as a result for the search query you entered. The cached copy of this page has already been removed from our search results. Your search terms appear only in links to the page you submitted. You’ve recently submitted a duplicate request.