Claiming to remove news from Google that damages your name and your online reputation, is your right. So, if you wonder how to remove negative articles from Google, and you wish disable Chrome articles for you, you can exercise the “right to be forgotten”, the citizen’s right to request the cancellation, indexing and storing of his personal data and related information from the search engines. Google allows all European citizens to be able to claim to exercise their right to be forgotten, if the news to be deleted “includes obsolete information on the user” and if they are not information of public interest, such as financial fraud, professional negligence, or criminal convictions. Google’s mission is to balance the right to privacy with the Freedom of information. The request to remove news from Google, according the European Law about Privacy, can’t be made by the companies, businesses, public bodies and public figures (politicians, VIPs), because their information are of public interest.

All the instructions on how to remove article from Google Search or how to delete URLs from Google, are included on Google’s page, which contains the content deemed to be harmful to your person with an intent that is no more indexed on the web. The procedure to remove news from Google requires through search for all the URLs inside the search engine, because Google requires accurate information that can justify the request. If you are wondering how to delete something off the Internet, you must submit a request and enter your data and to explain briefly the motivation they should be deleted, all by attaching a copy of your identity document. If removal is for images, you should keep in mind that your personal information on Google may be protected by privacy (personal information), in the case of your name and surname, your address or residence address, phone number, Identity card, current accounts, email and other privately owned properties.

Additionally, Google writes that it may refuse to remove certain information, and thus deny the right to be forgotten, when the news on the pages have, for example, legal value, or when they are found still in the public interest, where the right to information is therefore. Moreover, it may happen that Google invites you to contact a webmaster of the website, where your informations are contained. So, how to remove negative newspaper articles from the web ? You must remember that Google isn’t the web, because it’s  a only a search engine where are many informations from the different sites, like a newspaper. “Removing content from Google of search results page, is not the same thing as removing it from the web”.

How long do newspaper articles stay online ? If there isn’t a direct intervention, the articles can stay on the web for ever, and so they can always be visible from people. If you wish to remove news from Google, you have to start a request that will allow you to delete negative articles forever. In this case, you need a legal intervention, to contact the webmaster of the site, to solicit the removal of your information from its site. Therefore, it’s helpful the assistance of a lawyer and an IT staff, who can apply the necessary computer protocols for data processing.