If you have realized that by entering your name and surname on Google you see results that are detrimental to your image, because they are associated with unpleasant news or information, you probably have a bad reputation online problem that you must solve in quick times. Online reputation management or web reputation is especially important for people and companies that can suffer damage from the dissemination of negative information on the internet. This negative information is entered into websites that are made accessible by search engines like Google. For this reason, the need to remove your name from Google becomes urgent. The activity of removing your name from Google search results involves identifying links to unwanted web pages included in Google search results. These links, also called “negative links“, build a bad reputation online and allow the general public of the network to access information that is negative, inappropriate, inaccurate, obsolete, compromising. Removing negative links from Google is a computerized and legal process that does not guarantee that the links will be removed. 

Today there are new legislative tools that can erase negative Google search results that affect you. If you believe you have a negative web reputation, unintentionally, you can enforce your right to be removed from the web. What to do in these cases?  the person who wants to remove negative links from Google can appeal to the GDPR Regulation on the right to oblivion or the right to delete personal data from the web. In the face of a justified request, the data controller (in this case, the search engine in which the data concerning you appear) is obliged to delete the data without unjustified delay, provided they are no longer necessary for the  purposes for which they were processed. Let us try to be clearer: if this information does not belong to current news, or is not useful to defend consumer rights, therefore are contents that only affects the reputation of the interested parties. Or if it is data and information that is disseminated online without authorization. Of course, not everyone has the technical tools to unsubscribe from Google and even submitting a request to remove search results under European privacy regulations may be difficult. There are different ways to remove negative links from Google: contact the Webmaster or website owner, preferably through a legal privacy expert; contact the same search engine and the Authority for the protection of personal data, under the European Regulation GDPR Right to oblivion; contact an Online Reputation Manager team, or experts in online reputation and deletion of unwanted information from websites. Especially for those who are wondering how to remove a negative link from Google, know that the result is still reachable, even outside the legal channels. For example, an internet site optimization activity would allow you to remove negative links from the first few pages of Google search results, while, with regard to Webmaster tools, you can remove a negative link from Google to any condition, provided they adopt  the tools provided for Webmasters and signals to the search engine which rules for Webmasters have been violated by the website that must be removed from its search results. We advise anyone who considers himself to be a victim of a negative online reputation or has in any case seen his or her rights and reputation on the internet violated, to contact experts on the subject of the right to be forgotten, who will certainly offer the maximum in legal and technical terms , and to a team of Webmasters with proven experience in activities for the removal and de-indexing of negative links from Google.