The management of your online reputation also passes through Google search results, that contain links to web pages that personal information or adversely affect their web reputation. Online Reputation Management is the set of activities that manage online reputation, through websites of our own or third parties, and through social networks and search engines like Google. For this reason, the request to remove Google search results is important in the field of Online Reputation Management (O.R.M.). How to remove Google search results that are damaging and negative for our online reputation? If you or your staff at Online Reputation Manager have noticed that by typing in Google your name and surname, or the name of your company or services and their products, “negative links” appear in the search results, you most likely need to  consider removing these links from Google. Removing URLs from Google means removing from the search results the link to the web page that contains the unwanted content. Before contacting Google, we recommend contacting the Webmaster of the website and submitting a request for de-indexing the URL or removing unwanted content. After the intervention of the Webmaster, Google will remove the search result that led to that web page. If the Webmaster refuses, or if the information to be deleted has duplicated and linked to more than one website, you must contact Google directly and submit a request to remove the search results. In fact, at the legislative level there is the EU Regulation G.D.P.R.  that protects the privacy on the web and protects the personal data of the user, even if, it is explicitly written in the regulation, that it does not apply in the case of journalistic activity. It means that inaccurate content can be removed from Google, but not news or news published recently. 

The right to erasure is one of the most important rights for the New European Regulation GDPR 2018, which is named under the term of Right to be Forgotten and is transcribed within the art.  17 paragraph 1 of the GDPR 2018. Article. 17 which is entitled the Right to be Forgotten – The right to cancel your personal data and indicates the possibility of requesting a revocation of the personal data processing consent. To have the right to request the removal of personal data from search engines, and remove your name from Google, are all natural persons who believe that those data concerning them have no public utility. To have the right to request the removal of personal data from search engines, and to delete their name from Google, it is people who believe that their personal data has no public use. To remove Google search results, there is a form for submitting the Google request, to Bing, to Yahoo !, within which the person interested in removing Google search results can report the links of the web pages and explain the reasons for the  which pages should be deleted. To remove, for example, online newspaper articles or in general remove content and information that concerns us and that we consider detrimental to our reputation, it is necessary to collect and present all the URLs, or all those links that belong to different newspapers, or to blogs, to social networks, and so on, so that they are no longer visible to other users. The search engine will evaluate if all the requirements are valid to start a definitive removal of this content. The procedure to remove Google search results is quite simple and transparent, but not without risks: you must make sure you have the right requirements to be able to submit the request for data removal and it is not certain that justice will be obtained. We therefore recommend that you always contact legal and IT experts linked to the web and in the Right to be Forgotten. If Google and the Webmaster say no, it is not necessary to contact the Authority for the protection of personal data which, through its freedom of thought and cyber bullying department; in a maximum period of 12 months, the Authority will proceed to investigate and issue, if it deems it appropriate, a provision to delete unwanted Google search results. If you can’t wait for the long times of justice and want to remove Google search results in quick times, contact an Online Reputation Manager team, preferably composed of users and Webmasters expert in link removal procedures from Google. With an Online Reputation Management activity you can remove Google search results and remove your name from Google even without waiting for the Webmaster’s authorization or the Data Protection Authority’s provision.