Removing a negative review from the internet is possible through the removal tools available to the web provider. Take the case of Google Maps, one of the main items of Online Reputation Management: to remove a review from Google My Business Review, you can report it to Google. The report, for its part, must not be made in the name of the Laws in force, but in the name of the Rules for Webmasters. Google has indeed published a real guide that regulates the publication of reviews by its users of Google Maps, inside which, unfortunately, we find that the authenticity of the reviews are not really the determining factor for the removal or not of the content  published. Removing a false review from Google Maps is difficult, because Google cannot verify who is right between the owner of the reviewed activity and the author of the review. The manager of the Google My Business card can reply to the unsolicited review, writing down the reasons why you disagree with the published review. Through a guide on and called “Report inappropriate reviews”, Google summarizes reviews that violate Google’s policies and recommends consulting them before proceeding with the report. “Don’t report – Google writes clearly – a review just because you don’t share it or you don’t like it”, remembering how the search engine is not able to intervene in case of disputes. The evaluation of a review reported to Google can last several days and there are also limitations, such as those imposed on third-party hotel reviews. To report a review to Google it is necessary to have a Google My Business account and perform the procedure made available to users. Google is very careful to remove Google Maps reviews containing spam, personal information and vulgar and censorship terminology. All other reviews are unlikely to be removed by the search engine. 

How to remove a bad review from Google, whether published in Google My Business or Google search results? If the judicial authority and the website operator do not remove the review, all you have to do is contact an Online Reputation Manager team. These professionals, experts in managing Webmaster tools, are able to remove negative reviews from Google within a few weeks.  How do they do it? No secrets: they usually adopt legal and IT procedures that are performed in parallel, remember that many legal proceedings on the internet do not need the provision of the competent authority to achieve the desired result; at the same time, the Online Reputation Managers and web reputation experts hire a team of users specialized in removing negative reviews and false reviews from the web, putting them to work on a specific review until it is removed, without delay, by the web provider that  has allowed the publication and the permanence in the net. Remember that you can remove reviews from Google even if they do not represent a clear violation of the law. It will be enough to identify and correctly report which Webmaster policy has been violated, and Google will remove it. The same procedure can be adopted to cancel negative reviews from Tripadvisor, remove reviews from Booking, delete reviews from Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube. Any review can be canceled from the internet, especially if the cancellation procedure is carried out by a Webmaster expert in Online Reputation Manager and cancellation of the “bad reviews” from the search results. You can remove negative, obviously false, unwanted, defamatory and competitive reviews only with an Online Reputation Manager activity and with the help of users and Webmasters who have the right tools to adopt the reviews removal measures.