One of the activities related to Online Reputation Management is the cancellation of bad reviews from the internet. Removing negative reviews from search engines like Google published against a company or business is not easy. First of all, the person interested in deleting reviews from Google must identify the websites that hosted the unwanted review: Tripadvisor, Booking, Amazon, Facebook, to name a few, are among the most popular websites for the publication of reviews by users. It is important to know the context in which we will act: the context is that of a real war against false reviews, a war fought both by the exhibitors (hotels, retailers, restaurateurs, etc.) and by the internet providers themselves in conjunction with the competent authorities. Think that about 10% of the turnover of services and products sold on the internet concerns the market for the sale of fake reviews and, based on a Report that refers to the Tripadvisor website, every year about 1 million false reviews are published by  of users who pretend to be consumers or users of a certain product or service. The situation, needless to say, escapes the hands of the great operators of the world wide web, which, despite the huge resources devoted to the prevention of the phenomenon of false reviews, fail to process all the reports sent on the reviews they wish to cancel, and yes they rely on their artificial intelligence to assess whether a review should be removed from their platforms. It is understood that, if a user tries to publish a review containing bad words and censorship terms, the website can remove the negative content by itself; what happens, however, when a user leaves a fake review with negative opinions about the product or service? The situation, in these cases, is worrying.

From a legal point of view, European courts espouse the guidelines for which a bad review or a fake internet review are part of free market games and, consequently, the person interested in removing a review from the internet can not accept that a false review, must remain forever on the web. Legal avenues are the weakest tool to adopt if you wish to cancel a negative review from the internet: Report a false review on Google, on Facebook, on Tripadvisor, on Amazon, on Booking, and so on, in 99% of cases it will not lead to having that review removed. The process that opens is long, and the most of the time it is ineffective. Reporting a false review on the internet does not necessarily mean removing it. The complaint, first of all, must be presented in the correct way, providing the URLs and other proofs that will have to be processed by potential investigators (for example, if you report a false review by presenting only a “screenshot” of these contents, you should know that it’s not enough). The difficulties increase if the complainant also asks for the identity of the author of the review to be traced back, perhaps asking for access to the identifiers of the IP addresses. Unfortunately, this information is not held in Italy by the various web providers and, consequently, an international judicial cooperation procedure should be opened which is unlikely to be continued due to a review to be deleted on the internet.  Contact an Online Reputation Manager team to remove a negative review from Google.