Removing a link from Google search results is only possible if the link is removed by Google or the Webmaster of the website. The indexing of a site on Google takes place automatically. Google does everything by itself, takes the site and inserts in its index, so that it appears in the SERP, ie the list of search results, google places the site in the index, so it appears in the list of search results. Deindexing is different.  This is necessary when you do not want to associate your name with a search result that contains negative information (“negative links”). How to deindex a web page from Google and remove a link from the search results? You can de-index a link from Google search results thanks to an Online Reputation Manager.

If the webmaster who administers the site agrees to remove the site that contains negative content from the search results, the possibility of indexing from Google is very high; if the site cannot be reached or refuses to remove the link from Google, you must contact a lawyer and an Online Reputation Manager. The options to deindex a link from Google are the following: 

  • Contact the webmaster who administers the site and ask to remove the information.  In this case, as already mentioned, it is not easy, for example: a request for money from the site owner, and in this case it is necessary to contact a lawyer.
  • Contact Google directly, requesting link de-indexing. The request will be analyzed, evaluating if it complies with the required criteria for removal, ie the verification of the current and public relevance of the information that they want to remove. 

This operation is possible thanks to the Right to be Forgotten (present in Article 17 of the new EU / 2016/679 regulation), ie the right of every citizen to keep confidential information that may damage his reputation, such as a discount sentence or an acquittal for innocence. The only difficulty for de-indexing of the link is the public’s interest in that news; if it is an outdated news, it can be removed, if there is still an interest from the public, the news is considered as current, and it’s impossible to remove at the moment.The process in this last case is long, it may take years before the negative content can be removed. An Online Reputation Management team can remove a link from Google and delete your name from search results more quickly.