Manage your Online Reputation on Google

Nowadays, the web is now full of an immense amount of information, given the possibility for any user to publish news, opinions and content online, often violating what are the laws of privacy or online law. Within this immense amount of online news, the role of the search engine is fundamental, because it is the first place where any user goes to look for information about someone or something: every time we have to buy a product, for example, we search online to understand if the brand is reliable or not. That’s why managing your online reputation is very important not only for those who have a professional activity, but for everyone who wants to protect the idea and opinion the other users can have about him/her. But what does “online reputation” mean exactly? How can you manage your online reputation on Google?

What is online reputation?

Online reputation is the state of public information that can be traced to a person or company through websites, search engines and social networks. Online reputation is managed by professionals (Online Reputation Managers) who use technical and legal tools to resolve issues of bad reputation problems. For example, the right to be forgotten is an excellent tool to delete from Google obsolete, inaccurate, defamatory news, or in any case no longer relevant because they concern, perhaps, criminal proceedings that have not resulted in a conviction against the accused person. A good online reputation or good web reputation depends, therefore, also on the veracity and updating of the information attributable to the person or company concerned. Deleting newspaper news from the web, deleting news from search engines, removing one’s own name from Google searches according to European data protection regulations, are all legal actions necessary to have a good online reputation. But that’s not all: let’s see together other tips that Google gives its users to manage their online reputation in the best way. 

Google tips to manage your online reputation on the search engine

Here are a few tips that Google gives to manage your online reputation and to help control what people see and know about you when they search for your name on Google. First of all, search for yourself: go on Google Search and write down your name to see what information about you comes up among the Google Search results. In this way, you will be able to find out whether some negative or defamatory content about you is published and you could fill the right form to ask Google to remove personal content (read more about the right to be forgotten on Google). Another tip is to create a Google account, with which you can manage the information people see across Google services.