How to report inappropriate content on YouTube

YouTube, Google’s web platform for video uploading and sharing, is part of our life on a daily basis, because it offers a lot of inspiration through a lot of different contents to watch and to listen to, that you can share with your friends and family and it can be accessed through computer, mobile phones and tablets. Raise your hand if you have never scrolled through the YouTube homepage in search of something either interesting, useful or fun to pass time… No one? Ok, let’s go ahead… While you are using this service, you might run into inappropriate contents, that could hurt your sensitivity. A content is to be considered as inappropriate when it violates one or more of the YouTube Community Guidelines: contents involving spam or deceptive practices, violent contents (in which hate speech, cyberbullying, harassment and/or explicit contents are promoted), dangerous contents (those who promote dangerous pranks and challenges), sensitive contents (contents promoting self-injury and suicide) and contents featuring firearms or the sale of illegal or regulated goods. What to do, then? You can report them (in total anonymity, of course) which would lead to review by the YouTube team. If you are new to this function, do not worry, because I’m about to explain to you how reporting works, content by content (videos, playlists, links, thumbnail, comments).

In order to report a video on the computer, go below the player for the video you want to report and click More, choose Report in the drop-down menu, select the description that best fits the violation in the video and provide any additional information that may help the review team make their decision; if you are using YouTube on a mobile phone or on a tablet, the last operation is not required. In order to report a playlist either on the computer, on the mobile phone or on the tablet, visit the playlist page (if the playlist is currently playing, click on its title at the top-right of the player to go on the page), click More on the playlist title, select Report playlist and click Submit. An inappropriate link can only be reported by computer, by selecting More and then Report, selecting the policy that the link violates and check the box next to “This applies to links within video descriptions”. As to reporting thumbnails, you can do it through all devices, by tapping “More” below the thumbnail, tapping Report, selecting the reason for reporting, and selecting once more Report. In order to report a comment, you can click on “Report spam or abuse”, but use this option carefully, because if you misuse it, you may be prohibited from using YouTube. If none of the mentioned options capture your issue, other options are available: reporting a channel, privacy reporting and legal reporting. Finally, you can report policy-violating ads and also report a YouTube search prediction by clicking Report inappropriate prediction, providing your feedback and clicking Send.