Daily cybercrime increases, in fact, you may find yourself in a widespread video on the Internet, without our permission. Such videos may violate your privacy when private videos are displayed in which your image appears; videos that violate copyrights (which happens when someone has copied a movie of your own and has released it unlicensed on its YouTube channel); or they may refer to movies that contain violence, obscenity that disturbs your view;  even video with spam content. To protect vulnerable users, Google has included in its portal a feature that allows reporting a YouTube video that violates policy. In the case of violation of rights claims, the practice of removal requires more information. On how to report a video, or in the most important cases how to report a YouTube channel because it contains illegal videos, you must first be registered, so if you don’t, you must sign up for YouTube and log in through your Gmail account credentials.

Once logged in, you can request how to report a video, or even the single image you’re comparing on the video (for example, you may only appear at one point of the site) directly to YouTube. However, the removal process is not immediate, as the videos must be subjected to verification by Youtube before being removed. As it is written on the Google page “We rely on YouTube community members to flag content that they find inappropriate. Flagged content is not automatically taken down by the flagging system”. Google remove videos from YouTube if the “content that violates our Community Guidelines” or the “Content that may not be appropriate for all younger audiences may be age-restricted”. You can report a video on YouTube at any time by submitting a flag on the video, channel, comment, so that the YouTube staff and will see if there are any violations. If you report a video on YouTube it is anonymous, so other users can’t tell who flagged a video. If the YouTube staff establishes that are not violations, no amount of flagging will change that and the video will remain on our site.

How to report a YouTube video on mobile ? And, how to report a channel on YouTube App ? As well as on your computer, to signal (put a flag) a video or a youtube channel, you have to go over this and click on “More“. On your mobile, and then on your app, you have to to select the reporting option that youtube gives you, or in the computer request, you should provide any additional detail that may help the review team make a decision, such as time stamp or violation descriptions. Reporting a comment on YouTube allows <<the community to report spam comments left on uploaded or watched videos. If a sufficient number of users report a comment as spam, that comment is hidden from the “Marked as spam” link>>. If instead you are wondering How to report a YouTube video for copyright you should make sure that the content is not fair, or similar to copyright before sending it. Such requests must be submitted only by the copyright owner or by an authorized agent acting on behalf of the holder.

If Youtube refuses the removal request for any reason, you can report a YouTube video can to Police, that is, you can report it to “Action Fraud” – the UK Fraud Reporting Center. You can report any fraud to “Action Fraud” if you are in the United Kingdom if the fraud occurred in the United Kingdom or if fraud is associated with the UK and happened online. Actually, however, the Authorities are not always able to suppress the problem, because the requests are so many by the users. Therefore, the advice of a legal expert in this matter is absolutely advisable, especially in view of the probative support that must be attached to the act. It is also important that the legal office be accompanied by a team of IT technician who can find all the URLs where your video has been distributed.