It may happen that by typing your name on the Internet, be aware that this is associated with some news that may hurt you. In this case, your personal information appears within URLs, which are trackable in the results of Google search engines. You can request how to remove URL from Google, through its form with two options available. In the first case, if you own a Search Console property that matches your URL, you can use the URL removal tool, which lets you temporarily block pages from the Google Search results.

The second case is about how to remove a website from Google Search results, because your personal informations are on the pages that are not yours. In the latter case, the user can choose whether to remove url from Google Chrome, or from the entire Web. How to remove a website from Google Search ? As Google points out: “Google isn’t the web; it’s only a search engine for finding information on the web. Removing content from Google’s search results page is not the same thing as removing it from the web. Even if you remove information from Google Search results, you’ll probably have to take further steps to remove it from the web”. Asking how to remove URL from Google may mean: for the removal outdated content from Google; Report inappropriate content as a URL that contains adult material, or an url that does not comply with Google Terms & Policies, or legal / copyright infringement.

If you are wondering “ how do I block my name from being searched on Google ”, You will also be able to ask Google how to remove the URL of the news that violate your privacy, damaging your image and reputation. In this case, you can exercise the “right to be forgotten“,  the citizen’s right, to request the cancellation, indexing and storing of his personal data and related information, on the search engines. This right can be exercised in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (right to be forgotten GDPR), which allows the individual, the possibility that the personal information is not transmitted on the Internet.

Google is very demanding on the terms governing requests on how to remove my name from Google Search, so it tells the user to properly study the Support to resolve those situations. Each request must specify the reasons you have been to write it down, and the description of the violation or defamation that you believe may be affecting your image and your reputation. On how to remove url from google, you first need to identify which sites are containing negative news for your person, and in this case you need to submit the request directly to Google webmaster tool account. Since Google is not the owner of the pages that appear within its search engine, it can’t delete news from the Internet. If you are making a request on How to remove url from google, he will invite you to contact the owner of the web page (webmaster)  to ask for the removal of content that causes your privacy. The removal request must be submitted in the best possible way, so it would be advisable to have a lawyer expert on the web and IT technicians who can help you solve the problem in the best way.