How to remove images from Google Search results

If you need to find out how to remove images from Google Search results, it probably means that they have been published without your consent and that they somehow ruin your reputation on the web. It can be frightening that ,whenever a user looks for your name on Google Search, he can see some unpleasant, offensive or embarrassing result of your image. So how to fix this problem? How to delete a photo from Google?

When can you ask Google to remove images?

It can be very distressing to find certain images of yourself, your personal information and reputation in search results. In limited cases, Google can remove links from Google Search, even if the image still remains in the original site. But when does Google remove an image from its search results? There are some reasons to ask for image removal: among the most common situations, we find the presence of sensitive, financial, medical or national ID info, a non-consensual explicit or intimate personal image, images of minors and requests for legal reasons. For each of these reasons, there is a specific procedure to follow, which is presented on this Google Guide’s link

How to remove an image from Internet

If an image is shown up among Google Search results, it means that it is published in another website (which is not owned by Google) and then listed among the search results. In fact, removing links from Google Search doesn’t correspond to the complete removal of the image from the original site where it was initially published.

That’s why, if you want to remove images from Google Search, first you need to contact the website’s webmaster, that is the site’s owner, the person who owns the site where the image was originally published. To contact the webmaster, as Google recommends in its guides, you can go to the contact page (available on all modern sites), or you can use the WHOIS protocol, to find your contact information or the website’s hosting company, who knows for sure its contacts.

How to remove an image from Google Search

Among the main legal reasons why you want to delete an image from Google we find issues related to copyright and intellectual property, court injunctions, child sexual abuse materials, right to be forgotten and other legal issues, for each of which there is a different dedicated path. To remove an image for copyright issues, for example, there is the form available at the previous link, through which you can request the removal from the search engine of an image due to intellectual property violations, such as copyright, trademark, counterfeiting and other types of infringement. To remove an image from Google to exercise the right to be forgotten, instead, there is a special form through which you can remove from search results personal data about you for privacy reasons, in line with European privacy laws. Finally, for other legal issues, there is an additional form available at the previous link that will be helpful in situations involving child abuse material, court orders and other legal issues.