How to remove a personal content from YouTube

Nowadays it is incredible how fast an online content or video is spread all over the internet: in just a few moments, a personal information or data can become viral and it can sometimes damage an individual’s online reputation. Even more than any other type or format of online content, Youtube videos have the highest average engagements and the highest numbers of shares on other platforms as well. According to the YouTube Privacy Policy, how to remove a personal content from YouTube

What to do if a YouTube video damages your personal image or privacy

As a Google product, YouTube has specific community policies that need to be respected to keep all of its users safe. If you find videos violating your privacy or your sense of security, you can resolve this problem by addressing an expert in the right to be forgotten and in online reputation management. As a real professional, this figure can help you to understand which is the right procedure to follow in this kind of situation and to submit a Youtube complaint for removing content. When you report a privacy complaint, you have to follow some mandatory criteria and factors, such as being inappropriate, being uniquely identifiable within the video, being copied into a video that belongs to you or having your own safety in jeopardy. During the analysis of such a complaint, your image or voice, your full name, your financial information, your contact information and other personally identifiable information are considered, together with public interest, newsworthiness and consent. 

How to report a privacy violation on YouTube

In case you have suffered a violation of your privacy, go to this link on the Youtube Help Guide. First, here you are asked if you are suffering some kind of harassment: in this case, it is not a simple unwanted invasion of personal privacy, but real insults and you are asked to follow this different link for harassment and cyberbullying on Youtube. If this is not the case and you would like to continue the privacy complaint process click on “I still wish to submit a privacy complaint”. Next, the first advice you’ll receive is to contact the uploader of the video and to ask him to delete it from his channel; if he doesn’t answer or doesn’t respect your wishes, you can go on by clicking on “Continue”. After that, you will be asked to carefully read the Community Guidelines and be notified of the consequences of the abuse of this complaint procedure (you could also lose your account if you submit a false privacy claim). If you still want to go on, then click on “Continue” and choose what aspect of your private life has been violated, whether your image, your first name, your last name or other personal information. In any case, you will be taken to a form whose mandatory fields to fill in are your first name surname, country, email address, URL of the channel, URL of the video, some additional information to provide some details on the violation and attachments. Finally, accept the privacy conditions and click on “Submit” to end the privacy complaint process.