On the internet you can search for the name and surname of any person and see the information about her / him. Not always the informations that appears are positive, or not always the people want to appear on the Internet, such as phone number, home address etc..To delete your personal information from search engines, such as Google, you must apply to Google; But remember that google is just a search engine and is not the owner of the sites that are present on the Search. In fact, Google will tell you how to contact Google webmaster, asking him to delete your data. At first, you must understand who is the content provider that hosting the information to be removed from the search engine. If you would like to remove content or personal information from Google, you have to go to the google support site; but you can not contact Google webmaster number.

In fact, there aren’t the Google webmaster tools support phone number, but you can try to contact every online newspaper to request removal. You should know that almost no webmasters respond positively to user, because they claim a legal reason for the removal. How do you contact the webmaster? First of all, you go to the Google Support (this is a possibility to contact Google site) on the page “Contact a site’s webmaster”; it an action required if you want to delete personal information from the Internet: an image, photo, news, video, confidential information, or personal information. The assistance of a lawyer with skills in such a case -and in general, in the humans Rights on the Internet– can be very useful for you, because the Webmaster is usually skeptical about the removal requests from his website . For this reason, he wants to receive a lot of information and useful documents to interpret the legitimacy of the request. How do I call Google for help ? You can contact Google number, only if you are an administrator of Google G Suite. To contact the G Suite phone support team, you need to provide your G Suite administrator PIN. You can get the Pin, by clicking on the Contact support PIN. The PIN is valid for 60 minutes, after which you can generate a new one if needed.

If you are wondering how to contact Google Webmaster to remove a URL, usually there is a legitimate interests, such as invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, or offensive content. Google may remove a URL from its search engine, but it always explains that this action doesn’t mean that this is removed from the website hosting it. For this reason, Google explain to you how to contact Google webmaster, because the webmaster is the manager of website and he can intervene on modifying, deleting, and updating site URLs and on the content that’s hosted. A webmaster can remove the indexing of that page from the search engine, or removes the content of the page and reports to Google the content deleted, through a tool called “Webmaster Tools“. Through this tool, you can track the results of Google Search, related to the properties of Webmasters, by the authentication of a Google Webmaster account. This is a set of computing tools that Google makes available to Webmasters, that analyze their website and they communicate with Google to manage site property, assess indexing status, improve HTML, require scanning new URLs, or create and submit a Sitemap to Google.

Only a webmaster can intervene on his website. Anyone who makes a request to remove information and personal data from an website must produce the documentation useful to legitimize the request. Lawyer’s assistance is essential to ensure that the claim is successful and to avoid undesirable “side-effects”, such as denial of the removal request or the initiation of new lawsuits against retaliation applicant. You must be sure to turn to the Right  legal advisor if your wish is to remove the articles from Google, delete a photo or an image from the Internet, report an offensive site or defamatory content. In fact, you may need to initiate a legal action against the Webmaster if it is necessary to apply your Right  to this action. Even in this case, the advice is to leave the last word to an experienced lawyer in the matter. So, the assistance of the lawyer is crucial to the production of these documents, that you have to submit to Google; But also to analyze the legal action against the Webmaster who violated the Privacy of your personal information, copyright  or other humans Rights on the Internet.

About how to contact Google webmaster, Google provides three possible actions: the first search is “Contact us” link or an email address for the webmaster; the second alternative it is written: Find contact information using Whois, where you can either choose “Registrant Email” or “Administrative Contact”; The third action that Google suggests about how to contact Google Webmaster is to “Contact the site’s hosting company”, whose the information is always contained in the Whois and includes the general information about who hosts the website. After you’ve contacted the Webmaster, Google needs to receive information about the changes that have taken place. In this case, the requesting-user will have to make a request to remove outdated information, through the dedicated form. The are  so many critics and it’s not always easy to contact Google Webmaster. For example, the website that you want to contact, it can be outdated. So the webmaster can’t read the contacts. Another critical condition example is how to contact the Google Webmaster of a site not hosted in UK; In fact other Webmasters are less interested in removing legal content.