If you wish to delete yourself from Internet, you need to locate the Internet sites where appears your name (Google, Facebook, a website with registration, and so on). There isn’t a form to delete yourself from Internet: Every procedure requires a specific set of actions and information that to be collected and provided to the respective forms for the request to delete your name from the Internet. How to remove personal information from Internet & public data sources ? If you want to delete your information from Internet, you need to find who is the site’s owner where your personal information appears, and then you could a submit a removal request. The most popular search engines – such as Bing, Yahoo! explain to you how to remove your name from Internet search engines, through a dedicated procedure. But in particular it is google that has included several pages that explain how to ungoogle yourself, through specific forms.

How to delete yourself from Google ? The user who wants to delete yourself from Internet or from search engines, he/her must collect the URLs where appears the name. For this reason, it’s useful the cooperation of a legal assistant and a webmaster who has experience on this matter; especially if you want to delete yourself from Internet (delete me from the Internet free) for privacy or other legal reasons. If you think you have suffered a violation of privacy, you can file a claim for the right to be forgotten. This happens when your name or other personal information are present on a website without your permission. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the organization that allows the person who suffered the violation, to be able to request the removal of his personal data from the Internet. But the request is not always guaranteed because it is also necessary to safeguard other rights, such as the right to information the citizen, the freedom of speech. For this reason, to delete yourself from Internet, it’s really important to be assisted by a lawyer who can produce the removal request presented in the best way.

Different is the case when you want to delete your name from a site where you are registered. In these cases, you must have an e-mail account of this website. The websites where the registration is required, allows you to delete and remove all information and files published from Internet, by managing their account and publishing settings. For example, Facebook is a social network that allows to delete yourself individually; like Instagram, Google Plus. If you’re wondering how to delete me reviews, You must know that the criticisms, opinions and negative reviews are not a libel, because there is the freedom of information.

If you want to delete your name from Google (just delete me), or to delete yourself from Internet, it’s advisable to get help from a lawyer who can help you to exercise your “right to be forgotten”, because a wrong request may have negative effects, as in this case URL owners can freeze the request until it is reformulated.