Anyone who accessed on Google transmits a variety of information on the search engine, that stored to enhance future navigation experiences. This information can be erased from the browser’s memory or can it be intercepted by configuring of privacy limits, always through the browser that you are using. Google interprets the information (both as personal data that is linked to an “account”, as public information accessible on the websites and the social networks), and it recognizes the behavior of the user. In this way, each computer and every navigation device are “read” by Google. To register and to enjoy free products of Google, you need to register an email account with Google. So, you can open a Google Plus account (“Google+”), open a Youtube channel, publish a web page on the Google My Business (Google Maps) and you can access to Google Drive, (it is an online environment where you can manage, edit and store files, such as documents, images, and videos). User can delete yourself from Google product at any time, through the profile management tools; in fact anyone who wants to unsubscribe from Google’s Accounts can do this independently without submitting a request to Google.

Your files on Google are stored in a storage space that you can access by connecting to the Internet and authenticating with your credentials (for example, sign in to Gmail). Before to delete yourself from Google, you can export files from your archives on Google Drive and store them in a hard drive (usb flash drive, external hard drive). When delete yourself from Google Account, the Web channels that were generated, such as Youtube, Google Plus (“Google+”), Gmail, will be disabled. The user who wants to unsubscribe from Google he can select between different options and to handle the deletion, by using the tools provided by Google on the Internet.

If you are wondering how to remove personal information from Google, you keep in mind that you can delete images, informations, personal information, and any Internet profiles. The information and personal information that it are present on maintenance websites are it stored on Google and are accessible by typing “keywords” on the search engine. How to remove your name from Search Engines ? To delete personal data from Google, you must submit a request to remove URL from Google Search, specifying the URLs that host this data and information. Google actually provides a form for the “Right To Be Forgotten” which provides explanations on how to block your information on Google. Through this form, you can exercise your Right and request the removal of your data from the search engine. This right can be exercised under the judgment done on the 13 of May 2014 by the European Union Court of Justice. The person may request to remove outdated content Google, and to exercise the Right to be forgotten. The request must be sent by the concerning person or by a person authorized by him or her.

How do I block my name from being searched on Google ? It’s possible delete yourself from Google, only when the crimes are not more of public utility; that is, only after the news has been displayed by the public for the necessary time, because only after this time has elapsed, the news ends up to represent a chronicle object, and becomes private. To remove cache from Google, if you see the message “We think the image or web page you’re trying to remove hasn’t been removed by the site owner”, you must be contact the webmaster, because only after the webmaster has made the changes, you can proceed with the request to remove the cache copy, or just wait for the application to modify the search results at the next page scan.

The “Right to be Forgotten” may be exercised by a lawyer who may produce the legal documentation necessary to legitimize the claim. In fact, it’s not advisable to “do it yourself” to ask Google how to remove personal information from Internet, after having made a hasty and superficial assessment of its actual situation. Your personal information on Google can be deleted with the job of the lawyer, Webmasters, and IT technicians. Every request must be written accurately; so it’s important to collect all the data on the Internet and report it to Google, along with the all the materials needed to let Google proceed on the request to delete yourself from Google.