When you want to delete URL from Google or remove something from the search engine, Google asks you to carefully read the information on the support page and then you will be able to remove the information from Google.  How to remove my name from Google Search Results ? Google asks user what are the actions they want to undertake, through two questions: the first question is “Do you want to remove something only from Google Search results, or from the entire web?”; the second question that the user must try to answer it’s: “Who controls the page that hosts the content?”  If you have any doubts about the answers on how to remove a website from Google search results, it’s good that you know the reasons for the request to remove a page from Google, so you can value whether the request is legitimate and feasible. In this way, the support of a Webmaster -to delete URL from Google – is useful to help you to analyze your situation and to write a correct request. Google is very demanding on the terms that govern your requests, and it asks you to carefully study Google’s guidelines in support of these steps.

Google allows you to delete Url from Google when these are to be present on: Blogger pages, property websites, personally managed Wix or WordPress sites, in social network profiles (such as Twitter and Facebook) or on the Google My Business pages created for your business. How to remove a website from Google Chrome Search ?Otherwise, when you don’t have the control of the webpages that you want to remove, it’s the Webmaster which it can delete URL from Google (for example newspaper news, photos taken by other people, blogs, websites). Google suggests that you try to contact the “owner of a page”, to ask him to remove url from Google Chrome. After that, you can get a Webmaster to delete URL from Google. If you are wondering “how do I block my name from being searched on Google” you remind that Google is not the owner of the websites that are present in the search engine, and he can’t even force the owner of site to remove the information. If you believe there is a violation of the law, Google gives you some information, so you can proceed with a lawyer and you can exercise your Rights.

Delete URL from Google may mean that the user wants the Google outdated content removal. For example, users do not like URLs that contain adult material, policy violation of Google, or copyright infringement. In these cases, Google easily to delete URL from the Google, thanks to the help of users which helps Google to build a safe and authoritative environment of data and information. Each the request must be accompanied by specific information about the reasons of this and you also have to indicate the type of violation you want to report it. Google asks the user that he reads the “Remove URLs tools”, because an inexperienced user should use the help of a Webmaster or Legal Assistant because they know how to interpret the request and they can send it to Google through the correct procedure. In fact, Google declines requests that are not sent correctly. The user can give google a great deal of help and legality on the web, and to increase the quality of the service through reporting inappropriate content. How do I remove cached pages from Google? Pages that contain server, database, or pageview Errors, can be removed manually from the search engine by reporting to Google. If you wish to remove cache Google, you keep in mind that Google may recognize snippets and caches are obsolete. In addition, it may ask the user to interpret the page error, through the specific signaling of a data or information. In this way, you can delete URL from Google and correct the indexing error found on the search engine.