In May 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that users could request to delete personal information from Google and the web, while respecting their privacy, through exercise of what was called the “Right to be Forgotten”. It is the citizen’s right to request the cancellation, indexing and storing of his personal data and related information on the search engines. To delete personal information from Google, that are present on the news of the search engines, means eliminating all information that can be protected by privacy, such as your first and last name, your address or home address, your phone number, ID number, current accounts, emails, and other privately owned properties. Indeed, if you are wondering how to remove my name from Google Search, you keep in mind that there is a law for this. This law can be exercised in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which allows the individual, the possibility that the personal information is not more transmitted on the Internet. However, there is the possibility to remove outdated content from Google; because the news that tells about your criminal records, or the newspaper wrote false news on your account, and these news can destroy your image and your job reputation.

You may submit a request to delete personal information from Google, or the question about “ how do I block my name from being searched on Google ”, delete URLs from Google, erase news from the Internet, or be able to exercise the right to be forgotten, only if the search results have these requirements: The name of the user concerned, and should not be considered as relevant to citizenship. It’s not possible to request the removal of your personal data if you have committed a recent crime, because in this case, the right to information for public citizenship, is more relevant. If the news it isn’t more relevant for the citizenship, how to remove personal information from Internet ? How to block your information on Google? If the person has been acquitted by the Court, and wishes to delete personal information from Google search results, or if has been the victim of a joke by a third party, for example, through unpublished photos, and therefore requesting removal images from Google, he can submit a requesting by contacting the webmaster of the site.

How to remove your name from Search Engines ? If your personal information are inside of the search engines, You must remember that Google isn’t the web, because it’s only a search engine where are many informations from various websites. “Removing content from Google of search results page, is not the same thing as removing it from the web”. So, the solution is to contact a site’s webmaster, where your informations are present. If the information has been deleted from a website, but still appears in Google Search results, it may mean that the cache or description are obsolete. To remove cache Google, you must enter the URL (web address) of the page with obsolete content that you want to remove. In this regard, legal assistance from an experienced lawyer and webmaster helps you to remove personal information from Google.

Unfortunately, however, it’s not so easy to contact the owner’s website, or the publisher, because they may decline your request. For this reason, we invite you to contact a lawyer who will be able to produce the right documentation and reformulate the request, through legal documentation, and also – with the help of IT technicians – will collect all the useful URLs, where your personal information appears.