At this time, it’s likely that by typing your full name on the search engines, it appears on some sites that contain both your information and related news; such content can be accessed by all the public on the network. The request to delete Google search results, allows you to exercise the “right to be forgotten” on the Internet. In fact, it’s possible with Google to remove outdated content. When you request to delete url from Google, the result is not always guaranteed, especially since Google is demanding on the real reasons why you intend to delete them. In fact, it’s important to check when, and if it is possible to delete google search results, because as Google declares, it’s not possible removing content from Google, if these are useful for news reporting.

Instead, the request to delete Google search results, according to European law, may be appealing to all sites that violate the Google’s Policy, and which also violate laws, such as those web sites that contain spam , or all those sites that contain malware. Instead, if you want to remove image from Google or remove url, you will be  indicate what is the content that you want to delete from Google search results, and the reason for that request. This procedure requires the utmost accuracy from the user, because Google asks you the reason of this, and he writes “We’re going to try to help you remove the information that you want to, but you must help us by reading the information below carefully“. If you wonder: “ How do I block my name from being searched on Google”, or “How to remove my name from Google Search Results”, you must remember that Google isn’t the web, because it’s only a search engine where are any informations from the web. “Removing content from Google of search results page is not the same thing as removing it from the web”.

So, how to remove your name from search engines? Even if you remove your information from Google Search results, You must be aware that your information is on the newspaper or blog sites, which are just hosted on the Google Search. For this reason, you be must contact the webmasters of the websites, where your personal data are present. In fact, as Google writes “You need to know the source of that content, and who controls that resource, in order to block or remove it”. In these cases, it will be helpful for you to have a computer technician who is able to contact the website that hosting this content, and to submit a request for the files to be removed.

How to remove a website from Google Chrome Search ? The user may request to delete google search results, according to the European Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR Right To Be Forgotten), which provides that the person have the Right to remove your personal information, if these are not be useful for the freedom of speech; the “right to be forgotten” is not allowed when there are legal cases that have just been concluded. This is because, in such cases, the “freedom of expression” or the “freedom of speech” prevails over the right to be forgotten, because citizenship has the full right to know the news of current chronicle. For this reason, to evaluate if it’s possible,  you can be assisted by an experienced lawyer and a computer technician, because they can help you to exercise the right to be forgotten, because it may not be easy to fill out the form for the “right to be forgotten”.