The articles on Google are published by the websites and are reachable by everyone. When you typing words or names on Google, you can find online news, it recognizable to the page title and keywords that are present in the content of this page. To delete articles from Google, the removal request must have a valid reason. The person who wants to remove personal information from Google must argue over this request, and then you must indicate what is the content which violates the Google Terms or the Law; or if it’s possible to exercise the Right. On the Google, you must indicate any violations by the websites which hosting the news, because Google is not responsible for ensuring compliance with corporate and legislative codes.

When you wish delete articles from Google, you reporting to remove url from Google search for various reasons, such as privacy violation, Copyright Infringement, Violation of Person’s Rights, Personal Injury (defamation), violation of Google policies, or violation of the law. It’s preferable that any request is transmitted by a Google e-mail, so Google can verify the identity of the user who has submitted the request, and it applies the security measures. In addition, you must provide valid information to Google, by specifying the Google Products or the web pages that they host the content or behavior to report. How do I block my name from being searched on Google ? In most cases, Google recommends that you contact the site’s webmaster and to submit the request about how to remove your name from search engines. Only the site’s webmaster can delete articles from Google; in fact Google can’t edit a web page in its search engine. Google asks the user to contact the Webmaster and he also suggests you how to remove a website from Google Chrome Search. Webmasters can remove Google outdated contents, edit or correct a news, remove an image from Google, remove site indexing from the search engine, so that it is not visible on Google with the title of the page.

If you want to delete articles from Google and you’re asking how to remove my name from Google Search, you must specify whether you want to remove the information displayed in Google Search, or if you want to stop the views of the information in Google Search. You wish delete articles from Google, because the news that you want to remove are found on the web with the participation of social networks, blogs, news publishers, their reproduce the original news on other websites, that can see on the Google. “Google Webmaster Tools” gives the directions to prevent an article, or personal data, from being publicly reachable on the search engine: the Webmaster should set up a limited share of the content that it publishes online; or he must only post content on sites that allow to control privacy, and share content or “post”.

However, if you wish delete articles from Google, because are rumor, false, wrong articles, you can report the content directly to Google that it will evaluate the application and intervene of it. In some specific cases, Google doesn’t gives the answer to the question (whether it’s a positive outcome or a negative outcome), and you don’t know what Google’s time to respond to requests. When you report to delete articles from Google, there are chances that Google will not remove these. Chances depends to the validity of the motivation of the request, to the data provided to Google so he verify it and the type of violation reported. On Google News, for example, the articles are selected by Google, who uses the “publisher” objectivity, reality, and reliability standards. Also, the removal of news from Google News leads to the Webmaster Contact Guide, so that you submit your request directly to the Webmaster. In the event that the articles has violated your Human Rights or has been unlawful, it’s advisable that you to be assisted by a lawyer, before you make any action. It’s important to have an expert lawyer, which reports a problem to Google, because Google might not accept the request, if this includes mistake or incorrect information. In these cases, Google’s request is nothing.