Just delete me” or “Delete me from the Internet” are among the most common phrases of recent times, because the citizen, living in a society that is increasingly visible to all, has the desire to disappear from the internet. A person wants to delete a website from the Internet when he wants to remove personal information from Google, or remove images or content from the search engine. How to remove personal information from Internet & public data sources ? If the website contains your personal information (example: name and surname) or your confidential information, you can erase your name from the Internet, or from the Google, through the dedicated form (Right To Be Forgotten). Google will evaluate the request, through information and data that the user has collected on the web. How to delete a site ? You can delete a website from the Internet so that not make it accessible your name and surname on the search engine, only if you report to Google all the URLs where appears your personal information, and when you produce the legal documentation that is useful to the this claim.

It’s useful that you are assisted by an experienced lawyer in this matter, because he can produce legal documentation. To delete a website from the Internet which includes confidential information or unwanted content is not an easy task, because it takes place in multiple instances, and requires attention when reading the form for “Removing Content From Google”. If you are the site’s owner and you are wondering how to delete a website you created, you can remove your site with help’s Google, only if the site is included in the Google Products list: Blogger/ Blogspot, Google Plus, Google Play Music, Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images, Picasa, Youtube; other Google Products like Google Street View, Google News, Google Books, Zagat, Google Maps, etc. In this case, Google may remove the content of the Internet site or the all of Internet site, through by deleting the URLs that are the subject of the request. A user who wants to delete a website from the Internet must find out who is the site manager.

How to delete something off the Internet ? Most likely, a Webmaster will decline the request for removal site, and he will ask you to provide accurate information about the URL and contents of the pages. Anyway, it is better to take advantage of consulting a lawyer about how to remove your name from Internet search engines, because he can generate a legitimate claim to remove your contents, especially if the request is for legal reason (privacy, defamation, child protection, infringement intellectual property). The lawyer will submit a request to this webmaster, or will call other webmasters to handle the site owner’s default, and to proceed with the final deletion of a website from Google. Then, Google will interpret the update of the website to remove personal information from Internet & public data sources from the search engine. If you want to delete a website from the Internet, get the help of a lawyer and IT technicians who know how to find all the url where your name appears, so you can delete your personal information from the Internet.