About the Right to be Forgotten on Google

Our public identity is the result of gathering information that’s easily found online. The pictures, articles, and videos that we share or are shared online without our knowledge end up becoming our public virtual profile. But what happens when this window doesn’t correspond to our true identity? When we realize that pictures, news, and information are damaging our online reputation? In some cases, through search engines, one can come across information that is no longer true and can compromise the new image one is trying to create for oneself. In other cases, obsolete information outshines new information that we would like to highlight. Information is a click away, and it’s so simple to access it that, if one stops to think about it, it seduces and frightens people with its vastness. However, it’s not so fast or simple to modify one’s own information and people often aren’t even aware of this right. There are numerous laws to protect users, be it in Europe as outside of it. We have the right to ask to be forgotten, the right to delete, modify, or unindex data that directly concerns us or through which we could be damaged. Google offers a tool that allows us to exercise our right to oblivion. Through this link, one can fill in a form that allows people to have personal information removed by specifying their country of origin or residence, their name, surname, and email address. 

Anyone can exercise this right, but monitoring, removing, or unindexing data can take a long time and the results can sometimes be unsatisfactory. Given how fast information spreads and the possible damages concerning one’s online reputation, it’s necessary to shorten this waiting time and to hand the form to Google in a concise and exhaustive manner. Consulting a professional with legal and information competence can help speed up the process and make oblivion a certainty. One must keep in mind that the more widespread internet connection is in a country, the more laws there will be to protect users and it’s necessary to know how to use those laws to defend oneself.